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Orioles 5, Athletics 7: I mean, honestly, you're kidding me with this BS, right?

An otherwise beautiful evening ruined by Orioles baseball.
An otherwise beautiful evening ruined by Orioles baseball.

This was my 7th Orioles game of the year. The Orioles in that time are 0-7. They have 14 losses at home and I have seen half of them. Wait, that's a lie. One of the losses I witnessed was in DC. But whatever. I hate them. 

Look, there is no telling what would have happened if Dave Trembley had left Jason Berken in. All I know is I watched a game go from pretty well in hand to a complete and utter S show in about two minutes. I know that when Dave Trembley emerged from the dugout to remove Berken every single person in the stands wondered aloud what on earth he was doing.  Well, what he was doing was overmanaging the Orioles straight into their 33rd loss of the year.

It was a beautiful night in a beautiful ball park, I had great seats, and for 7 plus innings I thought I might see my first win of the year. But in the end all I saw was the Orioles get booed off of their own field. 

Brad Bergesen pitched a hell of a game. It's a shame for him. 

This team kind of makes me want to vomit.