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DDDWTF for 5/27: Another round of reliever roulette


Andrew G said pretty much all there is to say about this in the comments of today's Bird Droppings, and who am I to duplicate efforts? So here are his words, edited only to remove language not suitable for the front page.

What really bothers me about this is why did he put Berken in there for just the one batter anyway? In the post game Trembley showed a truly stunning lack of intelligence when asked about Hendrickson not getting lefties out (you have to go lefty vs. lefty there), but he also said that he wanted some experience in that situation. So what made Berken experienced enough to come in with 2 on and no outs in the 8th? Why bring him in for just one guy? What was the point of that?

And what is this experience jive about anyway? And why are we letting stats dictate the way we play baseball? Bergesen was removed so that he could still get the win even if the inherited runners scored. That was the given explanation for removing Bergesen – they wanted him to get the W. Is anyone else quite as outraged about how stupid this all is as I am?

Seriously, he used 5 pitchers in the last two innings, because of how it would look on their baseball cards, because of phantom platoon matchups that he doesn’t understand, and because apparently experience is what is called for in the late innings with your bullpen (which is such BS that I can’t even see straight). Alfredo Simon didn’t have experience in the late innings, and while he wasn’t exactly great, he got the job done – you know why? Because experience doesn’t matter. Or it shouldn’t. If that’s the way he manages, all it will do is make those innings more stressful on whoever he puts in there.

It’s the next morning, and I’m still steamed about this garbage.