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Canadian Goose Eggs, Blue Jays 5 - Orioles 0

The majority of baseball games are won by scoring more runs then the other team, actually that is how all games are won. Hopefully, this explains the troubles of the Orioles for everybody.

Alright, Kevin Millwood didn't exactly ace this game. Giving up 3 runs in the first, he was quickly screwed over by his defense. It started with an infield single to Scott Moore who showed a good deal of ineptitude at the position of second base. Next thing you know, Moore drops a laser from Matt Wieters allowing Fred Lewis to take second. Then Corey Patterson makes a mental error throwing to home and not second. Then Bautista tripled on a play where basically the Orioles did nothing right. Millwood would pitch well until the 6th where he gave up a couple of solo bombs. So Millwood pitched 6 innings of decent baseball, decent enough to get the loss, he is now 0-5, there is so much wrong with that. David Hernandez pitched 2 scoreless innings, lets put our hands together for a job well done.

The offense was 0-9 with runners in scoring position and left 7 runners on base. That's pretty awful. In the 2nd inning we put two on with nobody out, and failed to get a hit after that. In the 4th we put the first two runners on, then nothing. Even in the last inning we had a lead off single, but failed to get another hit after that. Nothing more to say than pointing at that 0-9 w/ RISP. Miggy did go 3-4, that is one good note.

When you lose 5-0 you pretty much know you did nothing right. Yeah, that sounds like what happened in this game. This is my first recap in a while, and my first as a "wig" (Henry Clay? Wait, no), but there just ain't much to say.