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Memorial Day Bird Droppings

Recaps of yesterday's nap-inducing 6-1 loss, played in a tidy 2:05, can be found at The (Toronto) Star, and

Toronto Blue Jays complete three-game sweep of Baltimore Orioles with 6-1 win -
So, that battle for fourth place in the AL East this year with the Blue Jays? Yeah, not so much. -duck

Baltimore Orioles reliever Will Ohman's scoreless streak ends -
"I wasn't going Roger Maris and having hair fall out or anything," said Ohman, who had gone 15 2/3 innings without giving up a run. "It was nice while it lasted." At least he doesn't suck. -duck

Injured 'pen struggling to get lead to Ohman | News
Apparently, Will Ohman is our de facto closer. Not that we'd know, since this team hasn't had a close lead in the 9th inning in seemingly a month. -duck

Memorial Day for Trembley?
So, the question is asked, is today the day Dave Trembley gets fired? My bet is no, if he's fired within the next month, it will be after the road trip to New York. No way you fire a manager before you go there. -duck

Orioles Insider: Because I know you'll ask
Jeff Zrebiec of The Sun also thinks today isn't the day Dave Trembley is relieved of his duties.-duck

Major League Baseball to support Welcome Back Veterans on Memorial Day |
"Major League Baseball will begin its third year of national fundraising and awareness initiatives for Welcome Back Veterans, a program which addresses the needs of returning American Veterans and their families." The Orioles wore their yesterday, since they are off today. -duck


Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps -- May 30
Norfolk lost, Bowie won, Feredick lost and Delmarva lost. -duck

Bell and Snyder start to hit a bit -
So, Josh Bell and Brandon Synder haven't completely sucked for the last two weeks. Good to know. -duck