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Bad. Mets 3 - Orioles 1

The good, Brian Matusz pitches 8 strong innings, Nick Markakis had two doubles. The bad, the Orioles score only one run through 9 innings, despite getting two more hits then the Mets. The ugly, in a tie game, Julio Lugo fails to make a good return throw on a double play, resulting in a run (earned) and leading to a 2-1 Mets lead. Had the game remained tied, who knows what happens. Had Scott Moore been at second base, who knows what happens.

Nick Markakis had the lone RBI, whilst the Oriole offense was a grand 1-10 with runners in scoring position.

There honestly is very little to take away from this game. Matusz lowered his ERA from 5.10 to 4.92. With his recent work, plus what Tillman did last time out and with Arrieta. The "Big Three" is just about the only thing keeping my attention. The offense is a tragedy. The 7,8, and 9 hitters in the lineup today had AVG.'s of .200, .210, and .220 to finish the game, that's awesome. Now, The Orioles have lost 14 of their last 16 game, Juan Samuel is 2-6 and we have a grand total of 17 wins.

In other news, Alfredo Simon will return as the closer while David Hernandez will become the setup man, thanks for that Juan.

On Sunday, Mike Pelfrey will pitch against the win less Kevin Millwood, who is just hoping to pitch well enough that some other team decides they want him, and hey, they can have him too. Let the good times roll.