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GameThread: Orioles (17-46) @ Giants (35-27), 10:15 PM

In honor of our old friend, my favorite Aubrey Huff picture of all time.
In honor of our old friend, my favorite Aubrey Huff picture of all time.

Since both the Orioles and Giants wear orange and black, the Giants have announced that tonight is "Halloween in June." Both teams will wear their alternate jerseys, which means the Giants will be in orange and the Orioles will be in black. Dorky, but kind of funny.

Chris Tillman is coming off a strong performance against the New York Yankees in which he allowed just two earned runs in six innings but still took the loss. This start will be his first of the year against a team that's not in the AL East.

The Giants' offense isn't a powerhouse, but they still score more than 1 run per game than the Orioles (4.27 for the Giants, 3.25 for the O's). Their best hitter so far this year is none other than Aubrey Huff, who has taken a shine to the NL West. He's hitting .303/.395/.531 with 10 HR, 14 2B, and 31 BB (which is 19th in the NL). Good for Aubrey. I hope for his sake that the Giants get to the playoffs this year.

The Giants' rotation is ridiculous, and that includes tonight's starter Jonathan Sanchez. I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Orioles get shut out for the entire series.

2010 - Chris Tillman 0-2 5.54 2.00 6 7

2010 - Jonathan Sanchez 4-5 2.82 1.15 72 33


Orioles: Corey Patterson LF, Miguel Tejada 3B, Nick Markakis RF, Ty Wigginton 2B, Adam Jones CF, Matt Wieters C, Garrett Atkins 1B, Cesar Izturis SS, Chris Tillman RHP

Giants: Andres Torres CF, Freddy Sanchez 2B, Aubrey Huff RF, Juan Uribe SS, Pat Burrell LF, Buster Posey 1B, Pablo Sandoval 3B, Eli Whiteside C, Jonathan Sanchez LHP