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And That Happened. Giants 10 - Orioles 2

30 games under .500, yeah that's nice and even. You see, today is what we call a Rendon. In less then 360 days, you will hear the words "With the first pick in the 2011 Amateur Draft, the Baltimore Orioles select, Anthony Rendon." As the words drip from the flappy mouth of Mr. Selig, Orioles fans will rejoice all around the world, breaking dishes and kisses bobbling replicas of Matt Wieters. Until then, we get stuck watching this....

Chris Tillman was god awful, throwing the high 80's / low 90's. He gave up 6 runs in just 2 innings. He didn't have his "rhythm" or whatever, in layman's terms, he sucked. Matt Wieters hit an early solo shot to tie the game at the time, that was pretty cool, you should all go watch the highlight of that, NOW.

Jason Berken came in for 2 innings (2 pretty good innings). He came out for a pitch hitter, since it was clearly more important to get Lou Montanez up with nobody on base and one out, then to save our bullpen arms. This led to a Matt Albers sighting, which wasn't too bad, this led to a Julio Lugo sighting, which was awful. Frank "Whats it Mata to you?" would take the place of Albers.

Ty Wiggington actually hit a solo homer as well, it hit of the tin roof in right field, but was called a double. Seeing as it was team nap time during the 6th inning, no one bothered to challenge the call. Just a day in the life.  He would later go on to have and RBI Double in the 8th ... followed by an Adam Jones strikeout.

Today our winning percantage dropped below the batting average of of Scott Moore, enough said.

To sum this game up, we didn't hit, we didn't pitch, we didn't field, so nothing out of the ordinary. Tomorrow, is JAKE ARRIETA Day! Let the good times roll.