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And the Orioles WIN! the Orioles WIN! 4-1, I don't believe, what I just saw.

That was great. That was a well played game. Last night, I said we didn't get pitching, hitting, or defense. Well that changed tonight. Our story begins with a young man named, Jake Arrieta.

Jake pitched a great game, allowing merely three hits, one of which was a solo home run. In addition to that he was around the plate, walking two and throwing 95 pitches in 7 innings, making many believe he could have gone 8. Arrieta has backed up his confidence with performance through his first two starts, he is now 2-0 with a 2.77 ERA. He was in the mid 90's with his fastball and wasn't making the command mistakes that Tillman made last night. This was truly a great outing for Jake and a true step forward for the team.

Will Ohman pitched a perfect 8th, earning what we call a "hold." The game was finished by our brand new 9th inning man David "Doors Hammered??" Hernandez. He reached some pretty high numbers on his fastball, it seems like he has good stuff to close out games, hopefully he keeps the job, and hopefully Simon doesn't get stuck in there.

The Orioles had 9 hits which is ok, 2 runs game from Ty Wigginton ground outs, he got rbi's for both of those. He also grounded into a double play with the bases loaded and nobody out, that brought in another run. The last run came from an Adam Jones solo homer (rejoice), he went 2-4, Markakis went 2-3 and drew a walk, Miggy went 3-4 and Corey Patterson had a couple of hits and scored two runs. On the other hand the Orioles were 1-13 with runners in scoring position and Luke Scott left 5 runners on base, although he was robbed by a couple of nice plays in the field. Matt Wieters had another 0-4.

This was one of those nice games, when we see a glimpse into our future, Arrieta, Hernandez, Jones. Hopefully you all tune in for Jeremy Guthrie tomorrow, he promises yet another solid outing.