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Sigh. Padres 9 - Orioles 4

Jake Arrieta took the hill looking for his 3rd straight win today as the Orioles were trying to win their first series since May 13th against Seattle. However, Jake Arrieta was dealt his first Major League loss and the Orioles failed to win their first series on the road.

The Orioles started the game off with a bang. We loaded the bases and then with two outs, Adam Jones hit a ground ball to 3rd. Mr. Zawadzki must be one hell of an Orioles fan, because he took about three steps with the ball in his glove before finally throwing to first, Adam hustled to reach on the error which allowed one run to score. Then Matt Wieters drove a bases clearing double, opposite field, to plate three more runs. That was it for the O's offense.

Jake Arrieta was bad, everything was up in the zone. There is a debate as to whether or not he lost some velocity on his fastball as well. Anyway, he only went 3 innings giving up 5 earned runs (1 unearned), he suffered his first loss as a Major League pitcher. Mark Hendrickson pitched 3 giving up one. Frank Mata pitched 1 giving up two, and Matt Albers pitched 1 giving up none.

We had just two hits through the last eight innings. Back to the norm for the O's. Not really much to say but for an uplifting moment you can always watch the Matt Wieters double highlight.

'Til next time. GO O'S!

EDIT: The hit by Adam Jones in the first was changed to a single, not an error. Therefore he has an RBI from the play and all runs were earned.