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Thursday Bird Droppings

Out the door to swim practice (not me, silly). More links and recaps will go up later, unless someone else wants to add them. 

Baseball Tonight Clubhouse - ESPN
"The Orioles, a once-proud franchise, have lost their way. Sadly, it doesn't appear it will get better any time soon, says Tim Kurkjian." -duck

Orioles Insider: Dempsey will get interview; Wedge likely to have second
You know what? Just kill me now. -duck

Orioles Insider: To bunt or not to bunt?
Here's the answer - not bunt. I'd also love to have heard the half dozen questions contained in this blog entry actually asked last night. -duck

Valentine out, O's consider Showalter for job | News
Bobby Valentine is too much of a quitter to lead the O's, and Buck Showalter got an interview. -duck

Wondering about a manager's decision -
"But, why not stay with the sharp pitcher on the mound, one who is already in the game?" Why not, indeed. -duck

Millwood: The New Pavano | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron offers the view that Kevin Millwood might be the best trade bargain out there. -Stacey


Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps -- June 23
Norfolk won, Bowie lost, Aberdeen lost, Bluefield won and the GCL Orioles lost. Frederick and Delmarva are on their All-Star breaks. -duck