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GameThread: Nationals (33-40) @ Orioles (20-52), 7:05 PM

The Nationals and Orioles play tonight in the final interleague series of the year. When the O's first played the Nats this year in DC, they were 21-21 and trying to keep contention buzz alive. Since then they have gone 12-18 and now sit at the bottom of the NL East. They have even more buzz, though, thanks to Stephen Strasburg (who will not be appearing in this series).

As I mentioned in today's Bird Droppings, I am in the press box for this game and will be commenting in this gamethread for the duration. Hopefully we'll be able to have some fun with it and I can offer some observations not available to me when I'm watching at home on TV.

2010 - J.D. Martin 0-3 3.55 1.18 18 1

2010 - Jake Arrieta 2-1 5.06 1.31 9 9


Washington Nationals @ Baltimore Orioles

06/25/10 7:05 PM EDT

Washington Nationals Baltimore Orioles
Nyjer Morgan - CF Corey Patterson - LF
Cristian Guzman - 2B Miguel Tejada - 3B
Ryan Zimmerman - 3B Nick Markakis - RF
Adam Dunn - 1B Luke Scott - DH
Josh Willingham - DH Adam Jones - CF
Ivan Rodriguez - C Matt Wieters - C
Mike Morse - RF Garrett Atkins - 1B
Willie Harris - LF Julio Lugo - 2B
Ian Desmond - SS Cesar Izturis - SS