Dave Trembley's Wake

We are Orioles fans, so no lies between us.

Dave Trembley wasn't the greatest manager.  He wasn't the worst.  He managed some good games and he dogged some bad ones.

But the motherfucker had his moments, yes he fucking did.

You remember when the team was over .500 his first fifty games as manager in 2007?  The biggest comeback in Orioles history last season?  That was Dave Trembley at his best.  And all the losses too.  Dave had to do a lot of press conferences after losses, and he did it with class, and that counts.  We've been as bad as many of the worst teams in baseball, but under Trembley we weren't a sad joke like the Royals under Hillman.

And that is the pity of it all.  In many ways, Dave was the perfect manager for our situation.  What we needed was someone with some class who could manage a 90+ loss team with some dignity, and to help our young players hold their heads high despite failure.  Dave Trembley made it to the majors after sticking around in the minors for over two decades.  He knows what it is like to not succeed, and that is something our kids should have learned about from him, since obviously they are going to experience a lot of it.  Maybe some of them did.

The Orioles set up unrealistic expectations for themselves this season, and this led to a lot of poor decisions throughout the organization, including many harmful and costly ones by Dave.  He earned what happened to him.  Was he as full of shit as every other sad sack motherfucker involved in the Orioles for the last fifteen years?  Absofuckingloutely.  His shit was as weak as ours, no question.

But Dave Trembley stood with us.  All of us.  It hurt him to watch this team as much as it hurt us to watch it.  You could see it on his face.  Sharing a dark corner of the American League. 

He was called.  He served.  He is counted.

Diamond Dave Trembley, 2007-2010.

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