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Red Sox 11 Orioles 0: Change We Can't Believe In

Yeah....the Orioles made me gag too.
Yeah....the Orioles made me gag too.

Welcome to the Juan Samuel Era.  New manager, same old Orioles.  Nothing like welcoming in the new boss with an 11-0 blowout.  But look on the bright side, at least it wasn't 30-3.  Game was hardly worth recapping, but here goes....

Five game notes (one for each O's hit):

1.  The Orioles managed just five hits tonight.  FIVE.  Need I say more?  The Red Sox tripled that number and (get this!) scored runs! Buchholz needed just 101 pitches to shut them out.

2.  These are not the same Red Sox we swept earlier in the season.  They can actually hit now.  Six of nine starters had multiple hits and only one player, David Ortiz, was held without a hit.  Clearly not a recipe for success.

3.  Chris Tillman really needs to find some control.  He was all over the place, issuing two walks (both scored) and throwing 57 pitches (22 of them balls) in less than 2 innings of work.

4.  We still have to burn through the entire bullpen to get through the game.  Four relievers were needed and they weren't even remotely good.  Seven of the eleven runs in the game did not come off of Tillman.  Mark Hendrickson wasn't awful, but he still gave up the three-run shot to Kevin Youklis that sealed the game (not that we were going to score 4 runs with only 5 hits anyways).  Alberto Castillo was just plain terrible.

5.  We play nine straight games against teams in top 5 for game length.  Yowsah.  As long as we can draw out the pain as long as possible........

Normally I'd include a little blow-by-blow recap of the action, but, given the outcome, that would be too painful.  The O's and Sox will go at it again tomorrow night with Jeremy Guthrie up against Jon Lester.  Stacey will be in attendance, so I'm sure she'll have lots of fun.