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Saturday Bird Droppings

A recap of last night's loss, the first of the Juan Samuel Era, can be found at That's enough, Trust me. You don't want to spend anymore time reading about that game.

Orioles' Samuel: 'The season starts today' -
This clip starts with Andy MacPhail giving a rather frank assessment of the team. He's brutally honest about where this team is. -duck

Orioles' MacPhail: We're looking for a manager who's a custom fit --
Video from yesterday's news conference where Andy MacPhail says he wants a manager right for this team. What else is he going to say? -duck

Next for Andy MacPhail, Baltimore Orioles: stop young players' regression -
"I have no doubt whatsoever that not only we are on the right path, we are on the only path that we can take if we are serious about ever being a contender in the American League East," MacPhail said. The man has conviction, I'll give him that. I just hope he's right. -duck

Baltimore Orioles new third base coach Gary Allenson happy to be back in major leagues -
So that makes two people happy by yesterday's events. -duck

Dan Connolly's 12 managerial candidates for the Orioles -
Dan Connolly gives his 12 picks for who might be considered for the permanent job. He actually puts Rick Dempsey on the list. Dear God, no. -duck

Orioles Insider: Trembley's future
Dave Trembley has a standing offer from Andy MacPhail to rejoin the Orioles in a different capacity. Dave's flown home to Florida, and no one is expecting an immediate answer. -duck

Orioles Insider: Trembley's winning percentage not the worst
So Dave Trembley has that going for him, which is nice. -duck

Orioles Insider: Guthrie shows his support
"You look back and your realize that he gave everything he had to this job," Guthrie said. "He did everything he could for each one of us as players as well as the organization. It’s a sad day ... that he has to step down like that and have Juan take his place. Utlimately, I wish the best for him and his family and I personally can say that he fought for me every five days. He gave me an opportunity to pitch and he showed the utmost confidence in me even in times where I didn’t earn it." -duck

Orioles Insider: MacPhail: No timetable for permanent manager
"You really don't have a timetable because there are so many variables that you can't possibly know yet," MacPhail said. "We really haven't started the serious vetting process yet." I don't know why Andy wouldn't have at least starting checking on some possibilities about a month ago. It's not like he could have expected Dave Trembley to last the season the way this team started the year. -duck

Orioles Insider: MacPhail hints at pending roster move 
"We still have a few moves in us," MacPhail explained. "Not as many as I perhaps would like, and I've already talked to Juan about one. ... We're not exhausted as it relates to player moves." I'm guessing it's Jake Arrieta's promotion that he's referring to, although I really wish it was Garrett Atkins' pending release. -duck

Been there, seen that -
Frank Mata helped turn a nice double play last night, then tossed the ball to the mound and started trotting off the field. One problem - there were only two outs. MASN cameras cut to Juan Samuel, who was seething in the dugout. Roch's headline says it all. -duck

Draft Preview: Orioles relish their position | News
Oh goody, we get to pick third because we sucked so badly last year! Let's rejoice in our choices! -duck


Orioles Insider: Minor league game recaps -- June 4 
Norfolk lost, Bowie lost, Frederick won and Delmarva lost. Steve Bumbry was 4-for-4 with a double for Delmarva. That makes me happy. Matt Hobgood gave up four runs (two earned) and eight hits in 7.0 IP. That doesn't make me happy. -duck

Dickerson to manage at Norfolk - -
The Orioles named Bobby Dickerson as interim manager of AAA Norfolk Tides, replacing Gary Allenson. -duck