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Joe Jordan and Manny Machado - Quotes after the pick

Joe Jordan and Manny Machado joined some members of the Baltimore media (including myself and James F) in a conference call to introduce Machado and answer questions. I'll be honest when I say that most that was discussed was mundane, with your typical stock quotes, like "Manny Machado will be a Baltimore Oriole. I have no doubt about it." and "I'm just taking things one day at a time." You'll no doubt be able to read those quotes on and, so I won't re-transcribe them here. But I did put together a few clips that you might find interesting:

First, Joe Jordan's opening statement regarding Manny Machado:

Joe Jordan's Opening Statement - 7 June 2010

Jordan on what kind of major league player he envisions Machado will be:

Jordan on Machado as a major leaguer

Finally, what does Manny Machado know about the Baltimore Orioles (it's dumb, but it made me laugh):

Baltimore Orioles are in Baltimore

I'm sure we'll be learning a lot more about Manny Machado in the coming days. Hopefully he'll be the next great Orioles shortstop.