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Open Thread: Draft Day 2

Rounds 2-30 take place today and they're just getting underway with the Nats picking LHP Sammy Solis out of USD.

No TV but I'm sure a ton of you are following along. Chat it up.

MLB's Draft Central

O's picks so far today (links go to's draft report or scouting video):

3rd round (#85): Dan Klein, RHP; junior - UCLA
4th round (#118): Trent Mummey, OF; junior - Auburn
5th round (#148): Connor Narron, SS; high school
6th round (#178): Dixon Anderson, INF/RHP; junior - California
7th round (#208): Matthew Bywater, LHP; junior - Pepperdine
8th round (#238): Wynston Sawyer, C; high school
9th round (#268): Parker Bridwell, RHP; high school
10th round (#298): Clayton Schrader, RHP; J2, San Jacinto College

Does anyone know anything about people being drafted after the 10th round? I sure as heck don't. Well, even before then, really. So check out for the rest as they happen.