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Per Brittany Ghiroli: Brian Roberts' appointment "not good."

As has been reported in various locations, Brian Roberts is still having back troubles and had an appointment today to see what's going on. Nothing official has been released regarding how it went, but at 4:03 p.m. Brittany Ghiroli tweeted the following:

roberts appt not good. He will not do any thing for a few days as he gets more tests

We'll have to wait and see what "not good" means specifically, but I think we can all guess that it means we probably won't see Roberts for quite some time, maybe not even this year. I've said a few times that I thought we wouldn't see him back all year, but I tried really hard not to believe it.

At this point does it seem strange that Brian didn't just go ahead and have surgery? I mean, it's a herniated disk. I'm no doctor, but that is the standard procedure, right?

Just another ridiculous thing to happen to the 2010 Orioles.