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Yankees 12, Orioles 7: Another day...

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Kevin Millwood had another bad outing, giving up home runs to Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson and walking six batters in 5.2 innings. The end result was 6 runs and Millwood's 7th loss of the year. 

The O's bullpen took the game from bad to embarrassing as Mark Hendrickson gave up 4 runs in 0.1 innings and Matt Albers gave up 2 runs in 0.2 innings. Well done, fellas. 

The O's scored seven runs but four were when the game was already out of reach. Adam Jones hit a 2 run HR in the 8th and Nick Markakis doubled in two more in the 9th. If you're looking for positives, Matt Wieters had three hits. That's something I guess. 

This team is so awful that I can barely stand to watch. In fact, I barely did watch. At this point it doesn't even bother me, which might be the most disturbing part of it all.