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A's 8 -- O's 1, This is how we do it.

First off, happy Josh Bell Day. The rookie third baseman was 1-4 with a single and a strikeout. He made one good play to start a double play and he also made a throwing error.

Jake Arrieta made his 5th start of the year. He went 6 innings gave up three earned runs and one unearned run. He gave up seven hits and walked four, while striking out two. He got the loss and lowered his ERA to 5.81. It wasn't really a bad start. He looked good in the first and didn't throw too many pitches, but a bad second inning really sunk him. Frank Mata was terrible, allowing four and only getting one out. Matt Albers allowed one runner of Mata's to score, while pitching one and two thirds innings without giving up a run of his own. Koji pitched a scoreless inning.

Corey Patterson scored the lone run on a Nick Markakis sac fly, Patterson was 2-4 with a stolen base and a double. Jones, Wieters, Tejada, Bell, and Markakis each had one single each. We left 7 runners on and went 0-5 w/ RISP.Ty Wiggington also made a 5th inning error.

There was not much in the way of pitching today, but most importantly, there was zero offense, resulting in the 54th O's loss. Now that's entertainment!