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Birds Up, O's Down for July 6-12

Craig Tatum celebrates a run against the Texas Rangers. The Tater had himself a pretty good week. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Craig Tatum celebrates a run against the Texas Rangers. The Tater had himself a pretty good week. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Here's a weekly look at players making an impact, for good and bad, for the Orioles this week:

Birds Up

Craig Tatum (C) - He had four starts in relief of an injured Matt Wieters this week, and made the most of them. Craig went 4-for-13 for the week (.308/.400/.308/.708) and led two of the Orioles young starters through their best starts of the year. It's a situation built to allow Wieters to DH, but then where do you put Corey Patterson in the lineup? And I'm not even joking.

Chris Tillman (RHP) - He took a no-hitter into the seventh inning, pitched into the eighth, and absolutely saved the Orioles bullpen after consecutive days of long relief needed. It may have been the best pitched game by an Orioles starter this year. Aside from his MiLB no-hitter, of course.

The Entire Outfield - Adam Jones went 9-for-24 this week and had four extra-base hits, Nick Markakis batted .357 for the week and slugged .679, Corey Patterson had that epic grand slam to tie Friday's game and Felix Pie had an OPS over 1.000 for the week. I'll take it.

Miguel Tejada (3B) - So, Miggi batted just .250 but had a .400 OBP. Is he OK? That's an awful lot of times to get hit by a pitch, since he never takes walks...wait, what? He took four this week? And three in one game? I repeat - is he OK?

Jake Arrieta (RHP) - The O's bullpen was in tatters after Friday's game, and Jake and Chris did exactly what they needed to do - pitch well and pitch deep into their starts. Jake went 6.1 IP, giving up just one run on just one pitch, a solo HR. Admirable work at a great time for his team.

Matt Albers (RHP) - Simply because it may be the only time Matt makes Birds Up, but his performance Friday in bailing out Brian Matusz must not go unrecognized. He allowed 0 runs, 1 hit and 2 BB in 5.0 IP this week in two appearances. Yeoman's work, Mr. Albers.

O's down

Matt Wieters (C) - Matt had a nice week going, with a .400/.417/.700/1.117 slash line and going 4-for-10 until he got hurt. Hopefully, the ASG Break is just what he needs, but it would be a shame to lose his bat for an extended period just as he is heating up.  

Josh Bell (3B) - Someone was going down when Chris Tillman came up, and unless Miggi got food poisoning, it was going to be Josh. Bell only appeared in two games for the week, going 1-for-4. He's had 8 K's in 15 AB this season. Not a compelling case to stay.

Jake Fox (PH) - The good news? He hit a home run! The bad news? That's one of his two hits in four games. Yeah, 2-for-13 isn't going to get you much playing time. Ask Garrett Atkins. Or Josh Bell. Or Justin Turner. Whoops, that's right, they're not here any more.

Kevin Millwood (RHP) - 1.0 IP, 4 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 2BB, 1 K. Need I say more?

Cesar Izturis (SS) - I really, really wanted to put Cesar on Birds Up. I did. But dude batted .176 this week. I weigh more than that. He went 3-for-17. Even if one of those three hits was a great home run, it doesn't justify his presence in the lineup. Can we DH for the shortstop instead of the pitcher?