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Gamethread: Orioles (31-68) @ Blue Jays (51-49), 7:07 PM

Kevin Millwood vs. Ricky Romero. Yeah, this is going to end well.

Kevin Millwood has been miserable since June started, and his time on the DL didn't help. In Millwood's last eight starts, he has pitched just 40 innings while giving up 65 hits and 42 earned runs. It hasn't helped that his BABIP has jumped from .298 over his first eleven starts to .400 over his last eight, but don't be fooled into thinking he's just getting unlucky. He's allowing more line drives and striking out less. Plus, on June 1st, Millwood's BB/9 was just 2.06; since then, it has been 4.73.

As for Ricky Romero, well he's left handed and he doesn't stink. That means the Orioles probably don't stand a chance. Two starts ago he pitched 7 innings against the Orioles and allowed 2 unearned runs. Back on 30 May he handled the Orioles to the tune of a complete game win.

So...let's go O's!

2010 - Kevin Millwood 2-9 5.84 1.58 86 38

2010 - Ricky Romero 7-7 3.52 1.31 116 51


2B Julio Lugo, 3B Miguel Tejada, RF Nick Markakis, DH Luke Scott, CF Adam Jones, C Matt Wieters, LF Felix Pie, 1B Jake Fox, SS Cesar Izturis

Blue Jays:
LF Fred Lewis, SS Yunel Escobar, RF Jose Bautista, CF Vernon Wells, DH Adam Lind, 2B Aaron Hill, 1B Lyle Overbay, C John Buck, 3B Edwin Encarnacion