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Red Sox 9, Orioles 3: At least they crushed our hopes fast

Entering tonight's game, Red Sox starter Jon Lester had a perfect 11-0 mark against the Orioles. To paraphrase O'sFan21, it's almost impossible to believe he hasn't thrown a perfect game against us. For four batters tonight, it seemed like the O's might finally have Lester's number, but harsh reality quickly intervened, and Lester ultimately ran that perfect record up to 12-0 in a not-as-close-as-it-looked 9-3 victory over the Orioles.

In the top of the first inning, Corey Patterson opened up with a single. Miguel Tejada had the grace to pop out instead of GIDP which allowed Corey to steal second when Nick Markakis came to the plate. Nick singled to shallow right and third base coach Gary Allenson wisely did not channel the spirit of his predecessor (and present interim manager) with a windmill. So Corey stopped at third. Ty Wigginton walked on four pitches, bringing up Adam Jones with the bases loaded and no one down.

You don't really need me to tell you what happened next, did you? The only surprise is that he waited until the third pitch to hack at some crap and ground into a double play rather than do it right on the first.

I'll be honest: I pretty much checked out mentally from the game at that point. That was our chance to finally ding somebody early and the offense could not capitalize and hang a crooked number early in the game on a guy who owns us. Hope was snuffed out immediately and the wind was gone from my sails.

Predictably, Guthrie came on and allowed four runs in the bottom of the first, and later in the game gave up a home run to Kevin Youkilis (who really needs to just stay on that ship one of these times). Guts gave up 6 ER over 4 IP with 9 hits, 3 walks and only 1 K. Ouch. Lester, by comparison: 7 IP, 1 ER, 5 H, 1 BB, 7K.

Jake Fox hit a garbage time home run off a bullpen scrub, so at least that's something.

The Orioles will try to avoid the sweep tomorrow afternoon. Brian Matusz pitches against John Lackey in the 4th of July game. Stay tuned tomorrow for a special Camden Chat 4th of July tradition - which we can only hope inspires the Birds to victory.