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Hey Orioles fans, who do you hate?

My apologies to any of you who may have been looking forward to James F's latest article on the draft and minors. He is taking a very well deserved day off so I thought in his place we could do something a little different. Earlier this summer, AZ Snakepit, the SBN Diamondbacks site, held a survey on what baseball teams D-backs fans hate the most and which they love. They released the results a few days ago. D-backs fans dislike the Astros. Imagine such a thing?

We all hate the Yankees, almost all of us hate the Red Sox. But what about other teams in the majors? And what teams are you drawn to? There is a form below the jump where you can rank each team on a scale of 1 to 9, and to help get your brains in gear I've included one reason to love and hate each of the thirty teams. Submitting the form will send it to me and I'll post the results in a few days, probably on Friday. But please share the teams you love and hate most and your reasons in the comments.

Team Pro Con
Arizona Diamondbacks
Game 7 of the 2001 World Series
You can't just change your team colors like that!
Atlanta Braves
They were always on TV growing up
They were always on TV growing up
Baltimore Orioles They won all those games a long time ago.
Boston Red Sox
We can remember a time when they didn't seem so bad.
Chicago Cubs Awesome ballpark, awesome neighborhood
Stop partying and pay attention to the baseball game!
Chicago White Sox Underdogs in their own city despite being more successful than the Cubs
Hawk Harrelson
Cleveland Indians Major League
Tony Fernandez
Cincinnati Reds They're kind of like the Orioles of the NL Central
Any Reds success might be attributed to Dusty Baker
Colorado Rockies
They accepted Melvin into the fold
Rocktober? Seriously?
Detroit Tigers
Watching them celebrate beating the Yankees in 2006 was amazing
Ruined Curtis Granderson for me by trading him to New York.
Florida Marlins
All those young talented players,
But no fans.
Houston Astros
They gave us Luke Scott
They gave us Matt Albers
Kansas City Royals
Cool stadium, classy uniforms, Bruce Chen
How can anyone support a team that voluntarily employs Yuniesky Betancourt?
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Angels in the Outfield
Pick a name already.
Los Angeles Dodgers
Who doesn't want to listen to Vin Scully call a baseball game? West coast baseball, man.
Milwaukee Brewers
Who doesn't want to listen to Bob Uecker call a baseball game?
Way to run to the NL when you couldn't hack it with the big boys, Brewers.
Minnesota Twins
They do like their fundamentals.
They get to the playoffs all the time and they're not even that good.
New York Mets
Mr. Met is arguably the most awesome mascot in sports.
They just make me sad.
New York Yankees
Why would anyone not like the most storied franchise in the history of the world?
Picking one reason to hate them is like having to choose which of your children you love most.
Oakland Athletics
They're smart. They think they're so smart!
Philadelphia Phillies
"Boo? F you." Maybe it's just me, but the Phanatic seems like a real perv.
Pittsburgh Pirates
It's easy to feel affection for the only team more pathetic than the Orioles.
If you're near duck's age and you didn't grow up hating them, shame on you.
San Diego Padres
They had those awesome brown uniforms.
The beer at their stadium has less alcohol in it.
San Fransisco Giants
Aubrey Huff might finally get to go to the playoffs
Orange and black is ours.
Seattle Mariners
Ken Griffey, Jr; Jay Buhner; Edgar Martinez; Randy Johnson
They tricked me into thinking A-Rod wasn't a douche with all of that Alex ♥'s Cal business.
St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols
Get over yourself, Tony LaRussa
Tampa Bay Rays They're the reason one team we hate won't go to the playoffs.
They are going to be kicking the Orioles butts for the next decade.
Texas Rangers
Allowed Buck Showalter to hone his craft in preparation for leading the Orioles to the playoffs
30-3; 26-7; 19-6; 15-1;15-3
Toronto Blue Jays
They have to deal with all of the same ALE garbage as the O's.
If you're near my age and you didn't grow up hating them, shame on you.
Washington Nationals
They're kind of like our kid brother, bumbling around pretending their players are good.
Baseball games in DC have as much atmosphere as Target.