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Outdated Offensive Mascots 4 - Orioles 1, We Didn't Push It To the Limit

You win four, you lose one. That's just how it works in Buckland. Hey, I'm not complaining, I'm just sayin'. Jeanmar Gomez, he looked pretty good today. He held a hot Orioles offense to just six hits through 6 innings. After that, the Indians put the ball in the hands of their two best bullpen pitchers.

The O's scored their one run after Josh Bell doubled and then with two outs, Ty Wigginton had a RBI single to drive Josh in. Other than that, the Orioles didn't draw a walk and had only singles, barring the Bell double. After another Pie injury scare in the 5th, the O's put two on with two outs, but Izturis couldn't get a big two out hit.

Kevin Millwood delivered another "quality start," he went 7 innings and gave up 3 runs, that's a pretty good outing. Jason Berken also gave up an unearned run courtesy of Josh Bell.

This game was just one of those games where the other pitcher turns in a good outing and you tip your cap. Or, if you're on Buck's team, you get your business together and take it to the Devil (yeah I said it) Rays tomorrow

This is a short recap due to the fact that it is noon, no wait, it's midnight. No one is gonna read this anyway, but some folks were slacking so I'm throwing this up.