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Birds Up, O's Down for Aug 9-15

You know, there's been too much coasting here at Birds Up, O's Down. Too many cute graphics think they have their jobs wrapped up (I'm looking at YOU, Mr. Yuk face) just because there's no one better around. Too much lollygagging into first base, too many cutesy pictures of cool flames and sad pandas. So in honor of the return to fundamentals ushered in by Buck Showalter, here's an old school, up and down only version of BU, OD.

Birds Up

Brad Bergesen (RHP) - He said he feels like he's pitching for his next start, not just his job. Well, a complete game two-hitter, giving up just one run, is a pretty good line on the resume, Brad.
Adam Jones (CF) - The bat is being consistent, as Adam had another +.300 AVG week with a .918 OPS. He even took two, yes, you read that right, two walks this week! Woo-hoo!
Luke Scott (DH) - He had a .293 AVG, walked as many times as he struck out (3), and had 2 HRs. One of the few bright spots offensively this week. And those two HRs were absolute shots, too.
Felix Pie (LF) - The O's batting order was bi-polar this week. While Felix, Adam Jones and Luke Scott were hitting well, well, just look at the down list to see what the rest of the lineup was doing. Great week for Felix, though., with a .333 AVG and a .877 OPS.
Hard Luck Starters - Kevin Millwood and Jake Arrieta had pretty similar lines this week - Kevin threw 7.0 IP and Jake threw 6.0, and each had a Quality Start with just 3 runs surrendered. But each game was lost because the O's couldn't hit. You deserved better, guys.
Jeremy Guthrie (RHP) - 6.0 IP, zero runs, and just four hits is a pretty god job. Doing it while throwing almost as many balls (47) as strikes (55)  is smoke and mirrors at its best. Well done, Guts.
  JUST MISSED THE CUT: Brian Roberts (2B) - Average was terrible at .250, but five walks brought the OBP up to .379 and the OPS ended up at .879. Not a great week hitting, but a good week at the plate.

O's down

Matt Wieters (CA) - Ugly week at the plate, batting just .182 with a OBP of just .250. He did have a HR and 4 RBI, but 4 K's and that ugly, ugly OPS of .614 shows Matt just isn't getting it done at the plate.
Ty Wigginton (1B) - Seven games, eight strikeouts. That's Ty's week. Add in a .241 AVG and a .267 OBP, and you got yourself an ugly week in the batter's box. His defense at 1B does seem to be improving, but man, that's a horrific week at the plate.
Cesar Izturis (SS) - Yet another regular with a dysfunctional week batting. Cesar had a .192 AVG, a .192 OBP, and a paltry .321 SLG. That's a .423 OPS, folks. That's bad. Really bad.
Nick Markakis (RF) - He's the fourth starter of the nine lineup slots who had just an awful week hitting. A .143 AVG, a .226 OBP, and a .440 OPS from the team's best hitter make for a lot of O's losses.
Brian Matusz (LHP) - There's not pretty, there's ugly, then there's Brian's 4th inning on Saturday on national TV. Brian lasted just 4.0 IP and gave up five runs, nine hits, and pretty much ensured the O's turned a 3-1 lead into the 7-3 loss it became.
MIA Among those Missing in Action - Corey Patterson (1 GA in last 7 games), Julio Lugo (2 GA in team's last 7), Jake Fox (1 GA in team's last 7),