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Reviewing the Draft: Joe Jordan Year Three - 2007

This would be the final draft conducted by Jordan before Andy MacPhail's tenure, and MacPhail was brought in before the signings of this draft were complete.  It is also the draft where the Orioles selected Matt Wieters and Jake Arrieta, the first major overslot signing of Jordan's tenure.

It is also the first draft where Jordan lost picks due to free agent signings.  After having had supplemental first rounders in both 2005 and 2006, the Orioles did not have a selection from the fifth overall pick until the fourth round.  Because of this, the Orioles missed out on players like Mike Stanton, Freddie Freeman, and Danny Duffy.  Of course, another way of looking at it is that they missed out on players like Eric Niesen and Michael Watt, or on drafting and failing to sign Joshua Fields, who was taken with the Orioles' pick in the 2nd round and not signed by the Braves.

Player Selected Position Round Overall HS/JC/College Signed?
Matt Wieters Catcher 1 5 College Yes
Tim Bascom RHP 4 129 College Yes
Jake Arrieta RHP 5 159 College Yes
Joe Mahoney 1b 6 189 College Yes
Matt Angle OF 7 219 College Yes
Shane Matthews RHP 8 249 College Yes
James Crowley ss 9 279 JC Yes
Eryk McConnell RHP 10 309 College No
Robbie Widlansky OF 11 339 College Yes
Wally Crancer OF 12 369 College Yes
Jordan Wolf Catcher 13 399 College Yes
Hank Williamson RHP 14 429 JC Yes
Tyrone Hambly 3b 15 459 JC No
Tyler Kolodny 3b 16 489 HS Yes
Jason White ss 17 519 College Yes
John Marrioti RHP 18 549 College Yes
Brian Parker RHP 19 579 College Yes
Sean Gleason RHP 20 609 College Yes
Scott Mueller RHP 21 639 College Yes
Colin Allen RHP 22 669 JC Yes
Anthony Kirbis RHP 23 699 HS Yes
Daniel Klein RHP 24 729 HS No
Clifford Flagello RHP 25 759 HS Yes
Justin Moore RHP 26 789 HS Yes
Kraig Binick OF 27 819 HS Yes
Stephen Procner LHP 28 849 College Yes
Danny Heller OF 29 879 JC Yes
Brandon Cooney RHP 30 909 College Yes
Matt Tucker 3b 31 939 College Yes
Pete Andrelczyk RHP 32 968 College No
Jacob Julius OF 33 997 College Yes
Kyle Touchat RHP 34 1026 College Yes
Eric Perlozzo 2b 35 1055 HS Yes
Calvin Lester OF 36 1084 College Yes
Merrill Kelly RHP 37 1112 HS No
Michael Harrington OF 38 1140 College No
Joseph Yermal RHP 39 1168 HS No
Aaron Odom LHP 40 1196 College Yes
Russell Wilson 2b/ss 41 1222 HS No
Joe DiGeronimo ss 42 1248 College Yes
Cole McCurry LHP 43 1274 College Yes
Travis Dirk RHP 44 1300 JC No
Jacob Smith LHP 45 1326 HS Yes
Lee Ellis OF 46 1350 College Yes
Preston Pehrson Catcher 47 1373 College Yes
Nick Ray OF 48 1395 HS Yes
Tyler Newsome OF 49 1416 HS No
Michael Gioioso ss 50 1437 College Yes


  • After two consecutive years of selecting a high schooler with his first overall pick, Jordan did not select a prep player until the 15th round.
  • The Orioles signed all but 10 of their 48 selections, the greatest percentage of draftees signed under Jordan.
  • The Orioles spent more on their first overall selection, Matt Wieters, than they had on their entire draft classes from 2005 and 2006.
  • 29 of the players selected were from college, 12 were from high school, and 6 were from junior college. 
  • 24 of the players selected were pitchers, while 24 were position players.
  • 24th round pick Dan Klein did not sign, and was redrafted in 2010 by the Orioles with their third round pick.
  • 32nd round pick Pete Andrelczyk did not sign, and was redrafted by the Marlins in the fifth round of the 2008 draft.  Used out of the bullpen, Andrelcyzk has a K/9 of 9.9 in over 160 minor league innings, but has not risen above AA.
  • 37th round pick Merrill Kelly did not sign, and was redrafted by the Rays in the eighth round of the 2010 draft.
  • 38th round pick Michael Harrington did not sign, and was redrafted by the Twins in the 13th round of the 2008 draft. He has not been very good, with an OPS of .664 in 207 minor league games.
  • 41st round pick Russell Wilson did not sign and is the starting quarterback for N.C. State, and was selected by the Rockies in the fourth round of the 2010 draft.