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Birds Up, O's Down for July 26-Aug. 2

Here’s a weekly look at players making an impact, for good and bad, for the Orioles this week:

Birds Up

Buck Showalter (MAN) – It's been a few years since Buck has been at the helm of a team, but Round 4 as a manager may prove to be his permanent gig. A mix of lots of young players, expiring vet contracts and a General Manager who may be the only man more loathe to quick action than Buck himself may make this a match made in baseball heaven.

Brian Roberts (2B) – He's hit well since his return, Juan Samuel used good judgment in getting him days off, and so far, no signs of the recurring back problems that caused him to miss the first 3.5 months of the season.

Miguel Tejada (3B) – Well, he's not here anymore, and helped out the Padres in his first weekend. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Miggi. I just will. Anyone who voluntarily came to Baltimore TWICE in the past seven years deserves a medal or a mental health evaluation.

Brad Bergesen (RHP) – He's pitching for his major league life right now, and with the new sheriff in town, life doesn't get easier. But he pitched well in his last start. Wasn't his fault this stupid team can't hit or pitch in relief

Mike Gonzalez (LHP) – Sure, it's Small Sample Size City, but the 5.0 IP Mike has completed in his return have been, well, pretty darned good.

O's down

Juan Samuel (MAN) – Juan fell on his sword for the good of the team, but watching those last three defeats must have been as hard as the 31 that came before it. He did what he could, but a .333 winning percentage isn't a great resume builder. Enjoy those coming weeks back home in the Dominican Republic, Juan, and teach those academy kids some baseball.

Ty Wigginton (1B/3B) – Well, he's still here, poor guy. He did hit over .350 for the week, but he's still here and not in a pennant race.

Brian Matusz (LHP) – He sucked this week.

Jake Arrieta (RHP) – He also sucked this week.

Kevin Millwood  (RHP) – Yeah, he sucked, too.