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Rangers 6, Orioles 4: Can we get a new Mentor?

Kevin Millwood continued his season-long trend of giving up early runs, and lots of runs. Accordingly, the Orioles were down 3-0 before an out was even recorded in the game and ultimately found themselves in a 6-1 deficit that was too much to surmount. I'm really kind of tired of seeing Millwood out there. Even his starts where the stat line looks good, it always seems like he's pitching crappier than that and getting lucky. In my game thread post, I noted that Millwood got hammered in his career by Vladimir Guerrero, and sure enough, Vlad added a sixth homer to his totals against the Mentor in the 5th inning, getting the second 3-run homer of the game for Texas. Vlad and Josh Hamilton (who hit the homer in the first inning) are good hitters, to be sure, but I've had enough first inning duds.

On the MASN telecast, either Hunter or Flanagan noted that the only two wins he's notched on the year have been against National League teams, and while we all know wins as a stat for pitchers are garbage, I feel like that's interesting information. The Mentor should probably join the parade of ex-Orioles who are prolonging or even resurrecting their careers in the NL West this year. In that division he might even compete for the Cy Young.

A six-man rotation has been mooted for September once rosters expand. Chris Tillman is getting called up at that time and will probably be that sixth man. It's a bit of an unconventional arrangement, but will probably be good to help limit the innings of the O's young pitchers. For my part I'll just be glad that means less games we have to see Millwood.

Home runs by Luke Scott and Ty Wigginton eventually cut the deficit to the 6-4 final. Wiggy gets extra credit for leading off the bottom of the 9th with his homer, which meant if anyone behind him could have gotten on base the tying run would have come to the plate. Unfortunately, Scott struck out, and then Corey Patterson and Felix Pie struck out swinging at junk, and that was the ballgame.

The O's managed a series split with the Rangers for an overall 3-4 mark on this homestand. Tomorrow is an off day for travel and they will be in Chicago to face the White Sox starting Tuesday. Jeremy Guthrie is scheduled to start against Maryland's own Gavin Floyd.