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Orioles 5 - Angels 0. When Odysseus left for the Trojan War he placed Kevin Millwood in charge of his son.

You really have to love a good mentor. When that mentor gives you eight shutout innings, you stand up and cheer. When that mentor strikes out 5 while only walking 1, you stand up and cheer. When that mentor gets his third win of the season, you stand up and cheer. Let us stand up and cheer now for a great performance by the one, the only, Kevin Millwood.

Kevin was on point tonight. He threw 110 pitches through 8 innings and gave up 6 hits, while striking out 5. That isn't a Walter Johnson type performance, but it was pretty darn good. He was helped out by pretty good defense, Torii Hunter running the bases, and the double play ball.

Meanwhile at the plate the O's put up 5 without Jones or Roberts, and the bottom three in the order were responsible for four of the runs. First, Josh Bell went deep to right-center from the right side of the plate, that brought in two runs. Then, in the weirdest play of the game, Ty Wigginton scored from second on a groundball to the pitcher. Well, let me explain that for you. Fox hit a slow chopper that Scott Kazmir had to hustle down, but the first baseman, Mike Napoli, also went for it, leaving first base open. Fox and Kazmir had a foot race to the bag. As they both neared The Wonderful White Square of Singles, Jake decided to slide (brilliant Jake). He slid safely and Kazmir tripped over him sending Scott flying a few feet. On his horse, Wiggy rounded third and headed for home. Kazmir was forced to make a 100 foot throw while seating on his rear, Wiggy scored. Not surprisingly Fox had to leave the game.

Cesar Izturis and Craig Tatum would also have RBI singles.