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GameThread: Orioles (47-83) @ Angels (63-67), 3:35 PM

There are a few things that I know about August 29th. I know that on August 29, 2005 I started at my current job and Hurricane Katrina began its demolition of New Orleans and the surrounding area. I know that it's Michael Jackson's birthday because whenever I say that it's my work anniversary, my good friend and world's biggest MJ fan says, "It's also Michael Jackson's birthday." I know that it's Ingrid Bergman's birthday and also the day she died in 1982. I'm not a particular fan of Ingrid Bergman but when I heard she died on her birthday it seemed so tragic that I always remember it.

The Orioles can do something today that will give me something else to remember about August 29th. If they beat the Angels and complete the sweep, they will go undefeated against the Angels in a season for the first time ever. It's not a huge feat, but it's interesting especially considering how the Angels have dominated the Orioles in the recent past.

Taking the mound in effort to completed the undefeated season series is Jeremy Guthrie, who is coming off two poor starts against the White Sox and the Mariners. He'll be opposed by Jered Weaver, who is having a good season but who has also struggled in recent starts.

The lineup hasn't been posted as I write this, but since Matt Wieters had off yesterday he'll be in the lineup today, so if Adam Jones is back (I haven't heard anything more about him today) the Sunday forfeit lineup might not look so bad.

Let's Go O's! Get out those brooms!