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Reviewing the Draft: Joe Jordan Year Two - 2006


2006 was the second draft undertaken by Scouting Director Joe Jordan, and the last draft he would conduct entirely without the influence of Andy MacPhail (MacPhail was not in place for the 2007 draft but was hired shortly thereafter and was involved in the signing process).  2006 is also the last season in which Jordan would have a supplemental first round pick.



Player Selected Position Round Overall HS/JC/College Signed?
Bill Rowell 3b 1 9 HS Yes
Pedro Beato RHP 1s 32 JC Yes
Ryan Adams ss 2 58 HS Yes
Zach Britton LHP 3 85 HS Yes
Blake Davis ss 4 115 College Yes
Tyler Henson ss 5 145 HS Yes
Jason Berken RHP 6 175 College Yes
Josh Tamba RHP 7 205 JC Yes
Jedidah Stephen ss 8 235 College Yes
Brett Bordes LHP 9 265 College Yes
Emeel Salem OF 10 295 College No
Anthony Martinez 1b 11 325 JC Yes
Brandon Tripp OF 12 355 College Yes
Ryan Ouellette RHP 13 385 JC Yes
Brent Allar RHP 14 415 College Yes
Dustin Black Catcher 15 445 JC Yes
Justin Johnson Catcher 16 475 College Yes
Tony Watson LHP 17 505 College No
Nathan Nery LHP 18 535 College Yes
Todd Davidson ss 19 565 College Yes
Zach Dillon Catcher 20 595 College Yes
Luis Lopez OF 21 625 HS Yes
Chris Salberg LHP 22 655 College Yes
Aubrey Miller RHP 23 685 College Yes
Josh Faiola RHP 24 715 College Yes
Donnie Anderson RHP 25 745 JC No
Kipp Schutz OF 26 775 HS No
Zach Jevne RHP 27 805 College Yes
Mike Pierce Catcher 28 835 College Yes
Brandon Kimbrel RHP 29 865 HS No
Chris Cassidy LHP 30 895 JC No
Zach Gerler ss 31 925 HS No
Barrett Dail RHP 32 955 HS No
Drew Conklin RHP 33 985 JC Yes
Tyler Blandford RHP 34 1015 HS No
Matt Drummond LHP 35 1045 HS No
Patrick Egan RHP 36 1075 College Yes
Michael Lane OF 37 1105 HS No
Adam Urnberg RHP 38 1135 JC No
Neal Davis LHP 39 1165 HS No
David Cash 2b 40 1195 College Yes
Scott Migl RHP 41 1225 HS No
Jordan Durrance LHP 42 1255 HS No
Jose Kianes OF 43 1284 HS Yes
Travis Lamar RHP 44 1313 HS No
Isiah Stanback OF 45 1342 College No
Vincent DiFazio Catcher 46 1371 JC No
Troy Burki LHP 47 1399 HS No
Jason Mills RHP 48 1427 College Yes
Dan Watson RHP 49 1455 HS No
Orlando Rodriguez Catcher 50 1483 HS No


  • The Orioles' total budget for the 2006 draft was $5.4 millon, an increase of $1.2 million over 2005.
  • The Orioles failed to sign 21 of their 51 picks, signing five more than in 2005.  They signed 18 of their top 20 selections.
  • Both of the Orioles unsigned top 20 picks improved their stock for the next draft.  Emeel Salem was taken by the Rays in the 6th round in 2007 and is currently in AA.  A speedy center-fielder who lacks power (which should sound familiar by this point), Salem has a career minor league OPS of .713 and 98 career steals.  Tony Watson was redrafted by the Pirates in 9th round of the 2007 draft, has struggled to stay healthy, and currently has an ERA of 2.90 as a 25 year old in AA while striking out over a batter an inning, mostly out of the bullpen.
  • The unsigned pick who has seen his stock improve the most is Tyler Blandford, selected in the 34th round.  Blandford was taken by the Mariners in the 5th round of the 2009 draft.  Blandford has shown good stuff in the Midwest League this year, striking out 8.7 batters per nine in seven starts.  Unfortunately, he's also shown disastrous control, with 25 walks in 27 innings.
  • Jordan redrafted Patrick Egan and Josh Faiola from the 2005 draft.  Both signed.  Egan had been selected in the 35th round in 2005 and was redrafted in the 36th round in 2006.  Faiola had been selected in the 32nd round and was redrafted in the 24th round.
  • The Orioles redrafted OF Kipp Schutz in 2009.  A 28th round pick in 2006, Schutz was redrafted in the 19th round by the Orioles.
  • Of the 51 players selected, 21 were from college, 20 from high school, and 10 from junior college. 
  • Of the 21 players unsigned, 14 were from high school, 4 were from college, and 3 were from junior college.
  • Of the 51 players drafted, 29 were pitchers and 22 were position players.
  • Of the 22 position players, six were shortstops and six were catchers.  Jordan drafted six catchers in 2005 and two shortstops.  This will remain a trend over Jordan's tenure, and in comparison, Jordan drafted three corner infielders in 2005 and only two in 2006.

After two seasons, some trends are becoming clear.  The Orioles are beginning to spend more in the draft.  Jordan is emphasizing position players at up the middle positions, along with speed, while neglecting power.  Jordan is also showing that he will gravitate towards players who have had limited exposure due to injuries or other circumstances, such as the inability of Ryan Adams to play much as a high school senior in post-Katrina New Orleans. 

Bill Rowell is the most prominent bust of Jordan's career.  Since that pick, Jordan has not signed a single high school player from a cold weather state selected with a top 20 pick.