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Sunday Bird Droppings (w/extra "Joe Girardi is a stupidhead" goodness!)

Recaps of last nights game can be found at, The SunNew York Post, and MASNsports (with post-game Buck).

Girardi critical of Guthrie's plunkings | News
Yes, Joe Girardi is still whining about the fact his plate-crowding players occasionally get in the way of an inside pitch when Jeremy Guthrie is on the mound. I say call 'em out for failure to avoid being hit, myself.

Orioles Insider: Guthrie answers Girardi's questions about plunking Yankees
"He understands that he has a great pitcher over there in A.J. that his hit more guys than I have," Guthrie told Zrebiec. "I watch and appreciate the aggressive nature that A.J. takes in throwing to both sides of the plate and I think I’m a similar pitcher. One of the occupational hazards when you do that is you are occasionally going to hit some guys, but you can’t let that affect what you do. Hitting guys intentionally is something totally different, but pitching inside has to be part of what I do to be effective." Seems I'm not the only one that can read a stat sheet. Way to stick up for yourself, Guts. And I love the dead-pan Stanford humor.

2010 American League Standard Pitching -
And you will NEVER guess you leads the American Freakin' League in hit by pitch. No way. It will never happen. You'll never guess. Oh, A.J. Burnett, you say? My, you have been paying attention. Joe Girardi is a ignorant liar. Just remember that.

A.J. Burnett 2010 Pitching Gamelogs -
Guess who's hit three more batter this year than Jeremy Guthrie? That's right, A.J. Burnett, who has hit 16 batters to Guts' 13. Shut up, Joe Girardi. You're a stupid liar. Your own guy has hit more batters than Guts.

Orioles Notebook: Gonzalez looking forward to 2011 - Carroll County Times
"There is two weeks left in the season, and Michael Gonzalez can't wait-for 2011. "I wish it was already February next year already," Gonzalez said. ‘There are a lot of things I need to go out there and prove." There IS two weeks, CC Times? Really? You're better than that.

Too early for Orioles — and their fans — to expect Birds to compete with Yankees -
Peter Schmuck wants to have a talk with your kids about Santa Claus and tht Tooth Fairy, too, while he's at it.

Orioles Insider: Orioles get look at Loux 
"The Orioles did have a scout in attendance at Barret Loux’s bullpen session earlier this week in Texas. Loux, a right-handed pitcher out of Texas A&M who was taken sixth overall in the 2010 draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks, failed his physical and didn’t sign with Arizona because of concerns about his shoulder and elbow. He was later declared a free agent effective Sept. 1 and he’s free to sign with any club."

O's shut down Arrieta for rest of 2010 | News
"Orioles rookie starter Jake Arrieta will not pitch again for the rest of the season and is tentatively scheduled to have a bone spur in his right elbow removed by team doctor Andrew Cosgarea on Wednesday, a preemptive procedure that the Orioles committed to on Saturday."