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GameThread: Yankees (90-58) @ Orioles (58-90), 1:35pm

If you were following last night's game thread, you may have seen Stacey talk about how she had just witnessed a for real altercation right in front of her. I feel like the story encapsulates all that is loathsome about Yankee fans:

An O's fan had been calling Derek Jeter overrated all game and then when he got one of his patented cheap Jeter infield hits, some guy in a Lou Gehrig jersey (with the name on the back) started giving him a bunch of crap. Our feisty O's fan compatriot replied, "I love your jersey with the name on the back! Is that authentic?" Then some other guy who was wearing a track suit and looked like Big Pussy started coming after the O's fan and ushers had to intervene.

The point here is that Yankee fans are morally repugnant individuals.

Honestly, I want to be able to sit here and write about how we're going to avoid the sweep, but the matchup today is Andy Pettitte vs. Chris Tillman. Pettitte hasn't lost a game against the O's since the 2007 season. Don't be surprised to see a Corey Patterson sighting in the lineup, because Scorey has a .935 OPS against Pettitte in 22 PA. We'll need all the help we can get, because Pettitte's thrown over 3000 MLB innings to show why he belongs in the Show. Tillman, in a little over 100 career innings, has yet to show he belongs. Chris, be extra careful of Robinson Cano, because he obliterates Baltimore pitching in Baltimore, and since he's 5-for-6 off you, he apparently does that to you also.

If you're watching football today, even if you're watching the Ravens, let's try to keep discussion contained to a separate FanPost open thread. You can find that thread here.

Can we please kick some Yankee ass today? Go O's!


New York Yankees @ Baltimore Orioles

09/19/10 1:35 PM EDT

New York Yankees Baltimore Orioles
Brett Gardner - LF Brian Roberts - 2B
Derek Jeter - SS Robert Andino - 3B
Lance Berkman - 1B Nick Markakis - RF
Robinson Cano - 2B Adam Jones - CF
Nick Swisher - DH Jake Fox - DH
Jorge Posada - C Ty Wigginton - 1B
Curtis Granderson - CF Corey Patterson - LF
Austin Kearns - RF Matt Wieters - C
Ramiro Pena - 3B Cesar Izturis - SS