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Red Sox 6, Orioles 1: Ho-hum.

Go mentor somewhere else.
Go mentor somewhere else.

This game was one of those boring losses that just happens. You knew it was over as soon as Kevin Millwood gave up a three-run homer to David Ortiz in the bottom of the 4th inning, after having gotten a 1-0 lead in the top half. For good measure, Millwood allowed another homer in the 5th to Josh Reddick. He's now allowed 30 for the year, or about one for every six innings he's pitched.

The O's offense only managed five hits in seven innings off John Lackey, and there were some wasted opportunities with an 0-6 RISP number for the game. Oh well. I'm not too worked up about it and you shouldn't be either. In the end, with the loss tonight the O's have tied the season series against the Red Sox. As bad as the team was earlier in the year, this is astounding, and hopefully next year we can look forward to being part of the reason that the Red Sox have no playoff hopes much earlier in the season than this year.

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing in the game for the O's is that the elusive Troy Patton finally got into a game. Presumably this will end our joking conspiracy theory that there isn't actually a Troy Patton and they just hired an actor to sit with his uniform on in the bullpen. Unless, of course, in a cunning move, the O's hired an actor who can pitch.

Patton pitched two-thirds of an inning, giving up a hit and a walk but no runs. He didn't look bad. He didn't look great. He was probably rusty. Hopefully he gets a couple more chances to show what he's got before the season ends.

The Orioles have an off day tomorrow. Next they will travel to Toronto for a three-game series. Friday's scheduled starting pitchers are Jeremy Guthrie for the Orioles against Maryland's own Brett Cecil for the Blue Jays.