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New SB Nation Fantasy Roster Reader

A number of updates were made to SBN overnight, most of which you might notice in the design but will not have much affect on you (different re-tweet buttons, addition of Facebook, Twitter, and RSS buttons on the gray toolbar, etc.) but there was one I wanted to point out that might interest you since otherwise you probably won't notice it. 

The SBN Fantasy Football Roster Reader. If you go to:, you can set up a stream of stories related to any players you have on any Yahoo! fantasy football teams. Once your rosters are set up you'll be able to access the link from SBN's fantasy page (supposedly, I can't find it, but I'll let you know when I do). Any SBN news or stories on any of your players will show there. If this is a success for football it will also be added for other fantasy sports in the future.