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Saturday Bird droppings

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Recaps of last night's game can be found about five rows back of the left field wall at SkyDome...oops, I meant can be found at Orioles.comThe SunThe Globe and Mail, and MASNsports (with post-game Buck).

O's await decision on Arrieta's elbow | News
That's Jake's call and we're going to support him either way," Showalter said. "Make a good decision based on medical people's advice that have been in that situation many times. At the end of the day, it will be Jake and the doctors making the decision, and we'll support him either way he goes. There is a real good case scenario either way he goes.

Orioles Insider: Hebner, McCall let go by Orioles
"The Orioles have informed Triple-A Norfolk hitting coach Richie Hebner and Rookie-level Bluefield pitching coach Larry McCall that they will not be invited back for next season." I get the feeling these will not be the last changes to the Orioles' coaching staff.

Orioles Insider: One that got away
When Jose Bautista was a Rule 5 pick with the Orioles in 2004, the club saw him as a raw athlete, a kid with a powerful bat, a good eye and a cannon arm who didn't have a true position. No one, I repeat, no one, thought this guy would hit 52 home runs in a season one day.

Orioles Insider: Oriole Troy Patton and his incredible Facebook story
Troy Patton used Facebook to find his half-sister in Boston. The two had never met, and his dad hadn't seen his daughter since she was four. And Buck Showalter had him pitch his first game while Patton's sister was in attendance. So, did Buck want to make sure teh kid pitched in front of his family? "I’d like to paint it that way, but if his sister hadn’t been there he probably would have pitched anyway," Showalter said. "But it is something that I stepped back and (thought) about, and everybody in the dugout was really pulling for him to get a clean outing, so to speak. That was pretty cool."

Orioles Insider: MacPhail not ruling out any of team's potential free agents
"I’m not writing any of them off," MacPhail said. "I think there is a scenario where virtually every one of them could be back one way or another, but some of that is dependent on whatever options they think they have and we think we have." Feel free to write off Julio Lugo, Andy. Seriously. Just scratch that name off right now.

Explore Howard: The Driver's Seat / Another Narron now part of O’s family
"Just being able to be here is a blessing, working out in a big league park with all of these great players and trying to get this organization back on top," Connor Narron said. "There couldn’t be a better situation."

School of Roch: Showalter balancing winning and evaluating
It's worth pointing out that Showalter hasn't closed the book on Josh Bell. He's just taking an extended look at Robert Andino and forming an opinion on whether the infielder fits into his plans.

Steve Melewski: A national writer's take on Buck
"Anytime over the last three years when someone asked me about hiring a manager, I always answered Buck Showalter," Jayson Stark said. "Buck is the most prepared man to ever manage a Major League baseball team that I've met in my life. Whatever comes along, he's thought about it, he's researched it and he's ready. It starts right there. 

Twitter / Buster Olney
Buster Olney says the O's could make a run at signing Victor Martinez.

Twitter / Jon Heyman
Jon Heyman (I know, I know), says CC Sabathia says V-Mart probably won't resign with Boston.