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GameThread: Orioles (61-93) @ Blue Jays (79-75), 1:07pm

With Jake Arrieta having been shut down for the year, there's room for some other guys to show what they've got. Today, the ball goes to Rick VandenHurk, who will be looking for a strong start in hopes of injecting himself into the rotation conversation for next season. Manager Buck Showalter's been quick to say that the results of this one start aren't going to determine everything, but a solid start will probably go a long way for him. I kind of hope that happens because I don't want to go 0-for-Canada for the season.

The Blue Jays are sending out Shaun Marcum, who's allowed only two earned runs over 12 innings pitched in two starts against the Orioles this season. So maybe the whole team is due, in addition to being due after three straight losses. Hopefully we're also due to not give up seven bazillion home runs.

Alright... we both know that just about everybody, even me, is going to be paying more attention to the NFL today. This would probably be the case unless the Orioles were riding some ridiculous winning streak, like ten straight games. If you'd like to yack about the week 3 football games with familiar Camden Chat faces, check out the fanpost.

Go O's!