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Monday Bird Droppings

Recaps from yesterday's game can be found at The SunThe Toronto Star, and MASNsports (with post-game Buck). (No links from today - it wasn't playing nice with my PC.)

Orioles Insider: Looks like Tillman or VandenHurk for a start
"Updating a previous item about the Orioles’ rotation for the remainder of the season, it looks like either Rick VandenHurk or Chris Tillman – not both -- will get one final start."

VandenHurk's first start as Oriole could be his last in 2010 -
"Rick VandenHurk's first start as an Oriole didn't go the way he wanted, and it's unclear whether he'll be getting another in 2010."

Is this the offseason O's go after big slugger? -
"It's not really a question of what they need. It's a question of who they can get and whether this is the right time to make that big offseason push the fans have been waiting for since Andy MacPhail embarked on his long-term rebuilding program 39 months ago." - Good News Orioles
"This season's performance by the Baltimore Orioles could provide a landmark study in what it is that transforms a group of talented young men from losers into winners. If their new manager, veteran baseball skipper Buck Showalter, could bottle it, he'd be a billionaire."