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The Best of the Baltimore Orioles: 2010

A few years ago, in a September much more depressing than this one, someone wrote a Fan Post asking us to relive our favorite moments from the 2008 season (you might recognize duck's comment since it was turned into a defining moment almost verbatim). It turned out to be a dude from MASN who was trying to identify people to invite to try out for their commercials, but regardless of their motive I still really enjoyed it. With tonight's game being postponed I figured tonight would be a good time for a 2010 edition. There is probably no chance that your input will land you on a commercial, but there were a lot of good times to remember.

So what were your favorite moments of 2010? Put them in the comments. I'll throw a few out to get the ball rolling:

  • Sweeping the season series against the Angels
  • Brian Roberts walk off HR against the White Sox
  • Felix Pie and Luke Scott both HR against Boston in the same inning and are the happiest couple of besties in America.