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Birds Up, O's Down for Sept. 1-6

Here's who's hot and who's not among the Orioles this week:

Birds Up

Matt Wieters (CA) - He's becoming a legend behind the plate for his defense, and the bat is catching up in September. Matt was 8-for-20 last week with a 1.008 OPS. Now, about April through August, Matt. We need to talk.

Nick Markakis (RF) - Another week, another .310/.355/.483/.838 slash line for Markakis. He may have the personality of drying paint, but I'll take a .300+ hitter who takes walks in RF all decade long.

Luke Scott (DH) - Don't call him streaky. Don't question his use of Bible verses. But most of all, don't pitch to him if you don't have to. Luke drew EIGHT walks this week, for a .500 OBP and hit enough to have a OPS of 1.029. We may just have found our 1B for next year. He can't be any worse with the glove than Wiggy, right?

Brian Matusz (LHP) - Two starts, 12.0 IP, and just five runs surrenedered against Boston and New York. He's just killing the Yankees now. And he gets to do it in an O's uniform for at least four more years.

Jeremy Guthrie (RHP) - He threw 7.0 IP, allowed six hits but just one run, and struck out seven while walking just one, and showed a 95+ mph fastball while doing it. That's a mentor.

Back End of the Bullpen - Koji Uehara, Mike Gonzalez and Jim Johnson each stumbled once this week, but pitched lights out in their other outings. Matt Albers had three basically flawless outings of his own. And yes, I'm conveniently forgetting Alfredo "Weak Sauce" Simon, and I suggest you do, too.

Brian Roberts (2B) - Look, old man, we all know you're hurt. Don't pretend you're not. You'll be stone dead in a minute at this rate. But at least your bat is still there - .367 AVG for the week. But just accept the day off, OK, Brian?

O's down

Julio Lugo - There's a reason Julio only appeared in three games last week. His hitting sucks right now. He was .222 AVG for the week, with an anemic .444 OPS. You aren't on this team for your personality, Julio. Start hitting or hit the bricks.

Alfredo Simon (RHP) - Two good outings don't forgive that clunker against Boston. When you come into a tie game and leave with your team down four, you deserve a down arrow regardless of the rest of the week.

Adam Jones (CF) - Stop me if you've heard this before. Adam Jones is hurt, and will miss a few games in a row. Shocker, I know, right?


There were a lot of mediocre performances this week, but few stood out as truly horrible. So consider this week a friendly grading curve.