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Monday Bird Droppings

Camp battles include Pie and Reimold | School of Roch
Roch Kubatko looks at the probable 25-man roster in 2011.

Is the demise of the AL East being greatly exaggerated? | Steve Melewski
Who says the AL East is dying? Just in case you're one of these people that I've never heard of, Steve Melewski tells you why you're wrong.

Buck Showalter's No-Nonsense Approach Could Be Just What Orioles Need to Be Competitive in 2011 |
A look at the 2011 Orioles from the perspective of this Red Sox writer. Also, don't you just love: "Red Sox fans would like to continue to flood Camden Yards for win after win after win (2010 notwithstanding)." I hate their writers almost as much as I do those people who come down for win after win after win (just not last year!).

Ohman, White Sox agree on 2-year, $4 mil deal |
The reliever madness continues.

The Orioles' lefty reliever dilemma (Ohman to White Sox) | Orioles Insider
Dan Connolly outlines the O's next steps in finding a lefty reliever now that Ohman is off the board. Bruce Chen! Do it! 

Royals refusal to listen to offers for Joakim Soria adds to winter woes for Brian Cashman, Yankees | NY Daily News
According to this the Yankees offered Jesus Montero and Eduardo Nunez for Joakim Soria, and the Royals turned them down. I mean...really?

All right, you proved your point. You broke into my Open Thread. Congratulations, you're a dead man.