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Thursday Bird Droppings

Jeremy Guthrie: Undervalued Fantasy Asset | Roto Hardball
Guts gets some fantasy love by Zach Sanders.

Twitter / @Adam Jones: @Britt_Ghiroli that's lame ...
Adam Jones is quite piqued that the Orioles are not scheduled for Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN in the first half of the season. He also makes a solemn vow that slight shall be rectified. He uses fewer words than I did, though. It's Twitter, after all. -duck

Still no final word on Gregg | Baltimore Sun
Kevin Gregg took his physical but the signing hasn't been announced. Maybe he'll fail.

Bergesen gets shoulder looked at, says he's feeling good | Orioles Insider
Remember when Brad Bergesen hurt his shoulder filming a commercial? Yeah, he's all better.

After dealing with injuries, Coffey is hopeful for health in 2011 | Steve Melewski
Cameron Coffey hurt his shoulder last year but now he's in the best shape of his life! 

New Orioles first baseman Derrek Lee confident about infield |
Even though Baltimore wasn't on his radar going into the season, Derrek Lee now knows that the infield is gonna be just awesome.

Mark Reynolds interview with Gambo & Ash on KTAR in Phoenix
Thanks to Michael Bean from Behind the Steel Curtain who passed this along. A good 10-minute interview with Reynolds about his move to Baltimore. On the down side, they asked him if he knew the famous 3B from Baltimore and he guessed Mike Schmidt. -zk 

From New York Yankees to Chicago Cubs, an update of who is miserable in MLB | ESPN
The six "misery facets" are historic despair, recent despair, historic pain, recent pain, intangible misery, and misery outlook. The Orioles rank 11th, but they are supposedly LESS miserable than Rangers fans? Whose team just went to the World Series? I do like that part of the Yankees intangible misery is that "they do have to hang out with other Yankees fans."

Trainer: Los Angeles Dodgers' Jay Gibbons blurry vision 'better' - ESPN Los Angeles
Jay Gibbons has eye surgery in November to improve his eyesight from 20/20 to 20/15. That Jay Gibbons, always trying to get a leg up! Anyway, now he's having blurred vision.

Kyle Farnsworth Reportedly Agrees To One-Year Deal With Rays |
Kyle Farnsworth, the Internet's favorite relief pitcher, has agreed a one-year deal with the Tampa Bay Rays worth $3.25 million. The news was originally reported by our Rays blog, DRaysBay, and was quickly confirmed by ESPN's Buster Olney. 

Fake cop in drag stops Baltimore drivers |
Just because it's awesome.