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Martin Luther King Day Links

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Jackie Robinson deserving of his own holiday | San Jose Mercury News
On Martin Luther King Day, Monte Poole wonders if any athlete it worthy of a national holiday and decides that if any is, it is Jackie Robinson.

Phillies' Ryan Howard honored to be part of Civil Rights Game | News
Ryan Howard, whose parents once marched with Martin Luther King Jr., was pleased to learn the Phillies and Braves will be playing in the fifth annual Civil Rights Game on May 15 at Turner Field. 

On this special day, we search for perspective | The Indianapolis Star
How does race influence the way we see sports and professional athletes?

Looking for answers in the house of Dr. King | espnW
The spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had to be present on Friday night as hundreds gathered in his honor to embrace his equality. Race relations in sports was the topic of conversation at the Content of Character Town Hall. 

Orioles Insider: Orioles avoid arbitration with Adam Jones | The Baltimore Sun
In his first arbitration-eligible year, Adam Jones will be making $3.25 million.

Question Of The Day

Last year, Andy MacPhail said that, generally, he will look to extend young players after their third year of team control. That's the first year of arbitration eligibility for a non-Super Two player, which includes Adam Jones this season. Yet with the news of the one-year contract, it seems Jones isn't getting that extension.

What do you see in the tea leaves for Adam Jones' future with the team? What says your heart and what says your head?

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.