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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Orioles avoid arbitration with Felix Pie, J.J. Hardy; Luke Scott, Jeremy Guthrie remain |
The O's agreed to deals with Felix ($985K), James Jerry ($5.85M), JJ ($975K), and Adam Jones ($3.25M) and exchanged figures with Guts and Luke. Guts asked for $6.5M and was offered $5 by the O's; Luke asked for $6.85M and was offered $5.7.

Reynolds on Ripken, his defense and life in the American League | Steve Melewski
Mark Reynolds at least knows who Cal Ripken is, and he's looking forward to being in a division where people pay attention to you. Do you think he knows that people don't pay attention to the Orioles

Retiring Gil Meche puts a price tag on his pride: It's $12 million | Big League Stew
In case you missed it yesterday, Gil Meche retired, walking away from $12M.

Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley arrested in LA | Yahoo! Sports
Milton Bradley has been arrested for an unknown felony charge in Los Angeles. That guy, I tell ya. 

This is a really slow time of year for news. Nothing is happening with the Orioles other than arbitration stuff, which isn't even all that interesting. Even the O's blogs have been slow as there just isn't much to write about. Speaking of O's blogs, there are a ton over on the sidebar, but if you're looking for some recommendations (as long as you promise not to start loving them better than us), here are the ones I read: Camden CraziesDempsey's ArmyRoar From 34, and Card O the Day. I check all of the O's blogs on a semi-regular basis, but those four get the official Stacey seal of approval.