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Could Vladimir Guerrero become an Oriole? Jim Bowden thinks so. Andy MacPhail says not so fast.

Update - 10:30 AM on Saturday - Andy MacPhail denies any reports that the O's are close to signing Vladimir Guerrero. From Steve Melewski:

In an e-mail this morning, O's president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail responded to a report that the "Report is not accurate," MacPhail wrote to


While MacPhail has often said "one phone call can change things" and no one from the Orioles is saying a possible Guerrero signing is 100 percent out of the question, it certainly appears that no signing is imminent. The O's have not had recent discussions with Guerrero, sources say.

This is, of course, what Jim Bowden tweeted last night:

Vladimir Guerrero could be one of the best FA bargains for one-year deal of off-season....getting close to accepting humbling deal w O'sless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone