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Saturday Open Thread

No quotes, no news, just space to chat. (Actually, I have a few things. The AL East had some pretty big goings on last night. -Stacey)

Angels Release Mike Napoli, Sign Juan Rivera To Four-Year, $86 Million Extension | Halos Heaven
What actually happened was that the Blue Jays traded Vernon Wells and his mammoth contract to the Angels for Mike Napoli and Juan Rivera. You've no doubt heard Blue Jays fans laughing all the way from Toronto.

Damon, Ramirez give Maddon options - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
The Rays made a splash yesterday, signing Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez to one-year deals worth a total of $7.25M, and Rob Neyer thinks Joe Maddon will figure out how to use all of his platoon worthy players to the best advantage. 

Spontaneous FanGraphs Chat | FanGraphs Baseball
If you missed it last night because it was Friday night and you, unlike me, have a life, Dave Cameron opened a chat at Fan Graphs for the sole purpose of laughing at the Angels trading for Vernon Wells.

OK, go get Vladimir Guerrero now | Orioles Insider
Dan Connolly makes the case for Vlad, although I personally think he takes it a little too far when he says, "In fact, I give him to a two-year deal if that’s what it takes."