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Community Projections 2011: Matt Wieters

Matt Wieters: Will he live up to expectations?
Matt Wieters: Will he live up to expectations?

I thought we'd kick off our community projections with a player who will probably elicit predictions that run the board from below average to out of this world. Well, maybe not out of this world after last season left a lot of people disappointed, but you get the idea. 

It's safe to say that 2011 is a huge year for Matt Wieters. 2010 was his first full season in the majors and he certainly left something to be desired with his performance at the plate. He absolutely murdered the ball in his stops in the minors but hasn't been able to translate that consistently at the big league level. After hearing all about how he spent 2010 working on his (admittedly very good) defense and with the pitchers, 2011 is a year that he needs to show he can work magic at the plate in addition to behind it. 

Here are Matt's stats for his time in the majors, and if you like you can check out his minor league stats here:

2009 23 96 354 15 9 28 86 .288 .340 .412
2010 24 130 446 22 11 47 94 .249 .319 .377
2 Seasons 226 800 37 20 75 180 .266 .328 .393

So whaddya think Matt Wieters has in store for us this season? Will he boom or bust? Predict his AB, 2B, HR, BB, K, BA/OBP/SLG in the form below the jump, and feel free to share them in the comments if you like.  And since he was the best defensive catcher in the American League last year, throw in the bonus stat of his CS% (24% in '09, 31% in '10).

Coming up on Thursday: Jeremy Guthrie.