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Orioles FanFest Updates

I'm heading down to FanFest now and and will be there through the blogger panel that begins at 5:25 and which will feature me, Chris Stoner from Batimore Sports and Life, Daniel Moroz from Camden Crazies, Jeff Pilsner from Baltimore Sports Report, Neal Shaffer from The Loss Column, James Baker from Orioles Post, and Pete Kerzel from MASN Sports

If you'll be at FanFest and you want to meet up for a hello, send me a tweet @CamdenChat or an email (listed at the bottom of the page). If you can't make it but want to keep informed of the goings on, I'll be tweeting as often as I can and you can keep track of my thirty most recent tweets right here. I'll try and pass on as much information and as many pictures as I can. I hear Adam Jones has a mohawk!