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Monday Bird Droppings

Duck told you I'd have a bunch of Derrek Lee links today, so here you go. 

One-Year Deal ties the Baltimore Orioles with Derrek Lee |
This article is hilarious, because it reads as though it was written in another language, and then pumped through Google translate. Only trouble it, it was actually written in.....English? Let's see, here: "If there is one thing people do not believe in, it has to call out a league before the tenure starts in April....However, the good question would be, how well do the existing players link up with the new crop of ball stars in the side?...The 35-year-old will be looking to cement himself in the club and his extend his stay beyond the one-year contract." Good luck 'cementing' yourself, Derrek! -zk

Lee brings skills, age to new home - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
ESPN provides details on Derrek Lee's disappointing 2010 season but suggests it was an aberration from which he can bounce back. Let's hope.

O’s Add Derrek Lee | FanGraphs Baseball
David Golebiewski takes a look at what he calls the O's "Extreme Makeover: Infield Edition" and how the offense is improved because of it. He predicts that the Orioles offense, while not on par with Boston or New York, will be solid in 2011. 

Derrek Lee is nice for Orioles, but it doesn't address their biggest need |
Scott Kendrick wrote this piece and while I don't disagree with the title, the content is borderline moronic. Check out this sentence: So the Orioles should hit a little better, but they won't crawl out of last place in baseball's toughest division until they begin building the semblance of a major league pitching staff around youngster Brian Matusz, the only bright spot in a dismal rotation.

Steve Melewski: Maybe there will be glee about adding Lee
Melewski provides some pros and cons on Derrek Lee and still insists that Adam Jones should be in the two-hole. Melewski, I think you're great, but you really need to take a look at this.

Orioles Sign Derrek Lee | Camden Crazies
Daniel thinks the Lee signing was a good signing, and if you know Daniel you know he has the stats to back it up. 

Rafael Palmeiro May Find Door Closed to Hall of Fame -
No word on whether these same sportswriters plan to keep Alex Rodriguez out as well.... -zk

Wednesday’s Cooperstown results today — The Hardball Times
Chris Jaffe games Wednesday's vote, predicting that Robbie Alomar and Burt Blyleven go into the HOF. But Raffy falls short, of course. -zk

Ed Smith renovations near completion |
The renovations to Ed Smith will be complete in about 6 weeks. You can even see pics of some of the changes thanks to somebody's crappy camera phone. -zk

Police allege Orioles' Simon shot 2 men, killing 1, in Dominican - Big League Stew
Alfredo Simon is negotiating to turn himself in.

Orioles Insider: Michael Gonzalez on Alfredo Simon
Michael Gonzalez is sad for his friend and doesn't believe that Simon could have been involved in the shooting. 

School of Roch: Awaiting word on Alfredo Simon
More of the same about Simon, but also the fact that Dennis Sarfate will be playing with Jeff Fiorentino in Japan.

Unexpected reunion -
In case you missed this story the first time around, Troy Patton and his father met their long lost sister/daughter in Boston after finding each other on Facebook, where father and daughter watched Patton make his only appearance of 2010. 

Nationals reportedly offer Adam LaRoche two-year deal | HardballTalk
Sources say Adam LaRoche might end up with the Washington Nationals, who have offered him a two-year deal worth $8-9 million per year.

ON Top 50 Prospects - #46: Kyle Hudson | Orioles Nation
Orioles Nation provides a scouting report of outfielder Kyle Hudson, who Jordan has named the O's #46 best prospect. 

The dance is tomorrow. Open Thread is a cheerleader. You've seen Star Wars twenty-seven times. You do the math.