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Alfredo Simon turns himself in, says shooting was an accident

CNN has posted the details of Alfredo Simon's statement to the police in the Dominican Republic regarding the death of Michael Esteban Castillo.

In truth that young man was my friend, like a brother. It wasn't a thing like we began arguing and I started shooting. It was some accident; it happened by accident. That's why I came here -- to open my soul.

Simon doesn't deny that it was his bullet that killed Castillo, but that he fired his gun into the air and didn't even realize anything had happened until after he left. The Puerto Plata District Attorney wants to incarcerate Simon for three months while they investigate. It is apparently par for the course to hold someone prisoner in the Dominican Republic while the investigation is being completed.

I haven't ever been very kind regarding Simon's pitching, but I feel terribly for all involved in this case.

Update: Per Dionisio Soldevila, Simon was arraigned and will be detained without bail for a year until trial. Um, holy crap. Simon's lawyers, which we've already heard are being paid by Miguel Tejada, are appealing the decision. 

Update, 1 a.m. - Dan Connolly has contradicted the previous reports of Simon's arraignment and the resulting one year imprisonment by saying they are waiting on the results of the ballistics tests and those results will help determine the next course of action. Per Connolly, Simon has not been charged with any crime. 

I'll try to keep an eye on the news reports to keep y'all updated, but is also following the story so check there for updates as well. 

UPDATE, 12:30am WedRoch says that Simon's agent says ballistics don't match Simon's gun:

While Orioles pitcher Alfredo Simon remains in police custody tonight in Santiago, Dominican Republic, his agent says that a preliminary ballistic report shows that the bullet that killed a 25-year-old man on New Year's Eve doesn't match the reliever's gun.

Phil Isaac of the Para Sports Group just passed along the news in a text message.

Meanwhile, one of Simon's lawyers, Carlos Olivares, told CNN that "The ballistics tests have been favorable. We are waiting for the formal report."